About Us.

Big Little Grill

Using 100% New Zealand Lamb, Beef and Chicken, our grilled selections are lovingly prepared over the Charcoal flame. We use the very best of New Zealand meats.
Our food is seriously delicious and tender. Our main style of cooking Charcoal Grill. Using this method of cooking along with our signature sauce, which takes more 28 hours to prepare, creating flavour unlike anything you have ever experienced.
The combination of smoke from charcoal, when infused with our basting sauce creates an aroma that will have you wanting more.
We hope that you will come dine with us and share this amazing experience.

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Our Food Policy

  • We use locally produced fresh products.
  • We use 100% New Zealand Beef, Lamb and Chicken.
  • We are gluten free friendly restaurant.

Our Core Values

We at Big Little Grill ask more of the talented, ambitious people we employ. Encouraging genuine hospitality at all times, we strive to create a positive working environment. Professionalism is expected at all times. 

Renowned Chefs

Big Little Grill resides one of the finest, highly experienced and dedicated team of Chefs. Our friendly staff are constantly willing to accommodate your dietary necessities and would make sure that waiting every moment for your meal is worth it. Our team also involves of certified bar managers, chefs and approachable waitpersons.

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Be a Part of Our Restaurant

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Co-Founder / Chef